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CF Markville Mall和Fairview Mall春节活动等你参加!

2018金狗年到!春节现在已经成为全世界的节日。CF Markville Mall和CF Fairview Mall将于2月17日星期六举办一系列有趣的春节活动,以迎接狗年。我们诚挚的欢迎大家来一起庆祝春节,社区议员和嘉宾都会前来一起庆祝,商场已经挂起红灯笼,当日还有传统的舞狮表演,书法表演。还有财神爷向购物者现场赠送红包和巧克力金币。


In celebration, CF Markville Mall and CF Fairview Mall will be hosting a series of fun and festive in-property activities on Saturday, February 17 to welcome the Year of the dog.
Guests and community members are invited to experience magnificent displays including life-sized décor pieces, a traditional Lion Dance, Choy Cheng (traditional lion dance blessing) and an eye-dotting ceremony. The God of Fortune will also be handing out lucky red pockets to shoppers along with a chocolate coin symbolizing the holiday’s gifting tradition.



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