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这意味着从周二3月17日凌晨12:01开始,餐厅和酒吧就必须停止提供店内就餐服务,根据《健康保护和促进法》(Health Protection and Promotion Act.)任何不遵守规定的企业都可能面临关闭令。德维拉说,任何违反该命令的企业每天将面临高达25,000加币的罚款。


多伦多卫生部首席医疗官埃琳·德·维拉博士(Eileen de Villa)说:“我们有一些社区传播的证据。”她说,她知道3起案件“无法获得感染源”,该情况仍在调查中。

Toronto Public Health officials issued a sweeping round of recommendations Monday, telling bars and restaurants to halt dine-in service and advising movie theatres, nightclubs and concert venue to close.

The new directives come as the city acknowledged at a news conference Monday that there is some evidence of community spread, meaning cases where someone has contracted the virus without having travelled or been in close contact with someone who has travelled.

“We have some evidence of community transmission,” said Dr. Eileen de Villa, Toronto’s chief medical officer of health. She said she knows of three cases “for which links could not be found,” and added that those cases are still under investigation.

She declined to provide an estimate for how many cases there might be in Toronto if community spread is a factor, saying any estimates would be based on unproven mathematical models.

The instructions for restaurants and bars means that those establishments are to stop offering dine-in service as of 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday.

While the city phrased the directive as a “recommendation,” de Villa said that any business that fails to comply could face orders to close under the Health Protection and Promotion Act. Any business violating such an order could face a penalty of up to $25,000 per day, de Villa said.

She said that while she understands that this move will not be easy for businesses and many individuals, she said it is imperative that the city, as a whole, acts now to halt any further spread of the virus.

“These decisions are not easy. We will get through this and we need your help,” de Villa said.

“We do know that social distancing and effective social distancing is what makes a difference. We’ve seen this in other jurisdictions as well,” she said, adding that “every interaction avoided helps to flatten the curve.”

She urged people to stay home if possible.

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